IXL LEarning for online skills practice: a HOmeschool Review

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This is not the first time we’ve reviewed IXL Learning but we wanted to give it an updated test drive again now that my daughter is a little older. She’s constantly looking to improve in her schoolwork and using IXL has been a low stress way of keeping on top of her skills.

About IXL Learning

IXL is an Online Skills Practice website that features over 6000 skills in all grade levels (Science, and Socials Studies to 8th Grade, and Spanish is Introduction to).

It was started in 1998 as a hub for teachers and learners to create study materials. The first products were fun games that were a hit with everyone.

Through the years IXL Learning has created different products in the education world. In 2007 they moved to focus on math which is where I feel they really shine. Maybe because of how much it helps my daughter.

Some of the other subjects IXL covers are: Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Spanish

Recently members of the Homeschool Review Crew were given an annual membership to test drive the current version of IXL.

using IXL Learning

My daughter hard at work at IXL. Take my word for it the screen is whited out for some reason.

My daughter loves IXL and actually we have been using it off and on the past few years since our first review of it. It gives her a chance to practice skills that she may be struggling with and I get cool reports on how she’s doing.

Keep in mind that IXL is not a curriculum but a skills practice option. So your students won’t be getting full lessons but instead practice and then if the system senses a struggle a review of skills.

IXL has an easy login. Once my daughter has entered her secret word she can get right to work!

She is presented with a Recommendations page but at this point she ignores it and goes where she wants. The recommendations are based on what Math and Language Arts skills she has been working on and what she may have struggled with.

Initially, after taking the Adaptive Assessment which is recommended, IXL knew where my daughter was at in her learning and that’s where the recommendations started coming from.

In the parent’s screen if you click on the Learning Tab you can see all the skills your child can learn either by grade or by subject.

There is also a Diagnostic Tab that recommends skills for your student based on what they’ve been working on and how well they are doing (if they’ve struggled at a point or something).

The program recommendation is to work on your skills for 15 minutes a day. Everyone has 15 minutes to spare. Why not use it to improve your grade? That’s what I tell my daughter and in fact I’ll be writing about that soon as a way to reach goals. Just thought I’d mention that.

Each week I also get an update in my email on how long and on what my daughter has been practicing. I also receive a certificate when she has passed a milestone such as two hours practicing math.

And don’t worry there are several helpful emails that come in your inbox to guide you around the program. There is so much there it’s easy to miss something.

Our Experience with IXL

Checking out Recommendations in IXL

My daughter chose to focus mostly on Math for the time being in IXL (she is also working on English and Spanish). It is where she gets the most help and this round with Pre-Algebra has her turning to it more often. The instructions say to work for 15 minutes a day and that is what I have her doing.

Okay she won’t like this but recently after not doing so well on a Pre-Algebra quiz I recommended she turn to IXL to review her skills. She couldn’t understand why she had not done as well as expected since she thought she knew her stuff.

After spending some time in IXL she saw where she was going wrong and went on to do better in the class. I was only having her do IXL a few times a week but I think I’m going to make it mandatory to work on it 15 minutes every day as part of her homework. Hmmm.

We really like IXL. Since trying it years ago my daughter has loved it and requests it often. You can subscribe monthly or pay for a full year at a time. It is one of the things I recommend to homeschool moms who tell me their students may be struggling with math skills.

IX Learning Online School Skills Practice

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  1. IXL is a great tool for homeschooling that provides a good worksheet for student to improve their learning skill and knowledge, I have been using it for my son in order to give him extra learning opportunities, but my son starts feeling pressure by doing IXL Math problems and it is kind of harsh for him. Then I found another website called Beestar that provides math problem material, and the math problems are more friendly to students, which my son can handle and even enjoy doing it. The math program is free, and there are some other programs at a low-price as well.

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