Reviewing Reusable Drinking Cups of Glass Made Just for Kids


Have you ever thought about reusable drinking cups made from glass just for kids?

When my daughter was little I organized a few things around our kitchen and dining room so she could start learning how to meet some of her simple needs. A snack section in the refrigerator just for and dishes just her size that she could get to and care for by washing and putting away.

This included drinking cups made just for kids but back then they were all various forms of plastic. At least as far as I knew.

Now plastic is all well and good and has it’s place but I’m a bit of a saver. Whether for addition to my own family or to bless someone in need I’ve held on to most everything I have used for my daughter through the years.

Just recently I was digging and editing a box of toddler mealtime tools and the let me tell you the plastic stuff has degraded and I just wouldn’t want anyone else to get their hands on them. Into the trash they went!

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a nice long lasting durable drinking cup for kids? Sure made of glass would be nice but it might be a bit slippery for little hands.

Mom Kate Oliver had the same idea when she created Kupp’ reusable drinking cups made from glass for her own little ones to manage.  She also created a tool that helped to teach her young boys responsibility and accountability. The response was such that Kupp’ is now available for you to purchase for your own small child.


What is Kupp?

  • A six-ounce glass covered with a colorful silicone sleeve.
  • It’s designed for kids ages 3-10.
  • The cute handle and silicon sleeve are to keep the glass from getting damage while your children are using it, washing it, putting it away.
  • The Kupp’ comes in four vibrant colors that represent the environment: blue for water, green for earth, orange for the sun, and red for warmth.
  • The Kupp’ is 6 oz.
  • The Kupp’ is made in the USA using imported glass, and all materials are sourced from environmentally-friendly manufacturers that adhere to EU and US regulations.
  • All glass is recyclable, certified lead and cadmium free, and is made from a pure soda-lime formula. It is also dishwasher safe!
  • The grip-friendly silicon sleeve is BPA/BPS free and made with medical and food grade silicon to prevent damage. The sleeve does not have to be removed when washing, which makes cleaning your Kupp’ very simple.
  • The adorable Kupp’ is designed to resemble a smile so kids are naturally attracted to it!
  • The retail price of each Kupp’ is $16.99 each and $67.96 for a four pack.


We got the chance to test drive a four pack of the colorful Kupp glasses recently.

The idea is to put your child in the driver’s seat with these glasses as they are made with kids completely in mind. That’s from cupboard to table, to wash and dry, and back into the cupboard.

We were recently sent a pack of these cute kupps (pun intended) to try out.

My daughter is the old ancient age of 9 (to hear her tell it) but I still like to have special cups just for her. It makes her feel special.

She really liked the look of the Kupp’. She gravitated right to them, lined them up, and chose her color. So I guess something about that smile and the colors really did speak to her even at her advance age (right).

The Kupp‘ glasses are actually so cute that we all grabbed one! Mine is red and hubby’s is blue. The Sweet Peanut went for the orange one and we put the green away for guests.

Yes we do actually use them each day at dinner time now. We’re kind of a low key family and usually just drink from water bottles but lately we’ve been putting ice in our Kupp’s and using them each day.

The small 6 oz size is just right for little people with little tummies but of course hubby and I kept refilling our glasses.

The silicone sleeve makes it easy to pick up and drink from them.


Now I know you’re supposed to let the kiddoes take the cup into the kitchen and wash and put away but glass is glass and although these are nicely put together I still think they could break easily if dropped in the sink with a slip or a careless hand.

My daughter is the table setter so she grabs the Kupp’s and make sure we each get our color.

So far we’ve washed them by hand and in the dishwasher with no fuss no muss. Easy breezy. My husband did the dishes one night and removed the silicone sleeves before washing them by hand. I kind of recommend that too.

Just think if your child drinks milk with the Kupp’ and then some slips between the sleeve and the glass. Yes you wash the outside but there is the chance that some could slip between, not get washed, and then spoil. Eww!! So maybe not every day but I think something like once a week would be a good idea to keep the Kupp’ spiffy and in top order. The sleeve came off and went back on easily.

I really like these Kupps and know the perfect person to send a pack to.


You can buy the Kupp’right from the website here => Kupp’

and connect with Kupp’online at these places…

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