A Schedule for Children at Home


Preparing a daily schedule for children at home is an excellent idea.

As a stay at home parent to small children one of the most challenging things in our home was coming up with a daily schedule that provided for learning, growing, resting, and a bit of private time…for mommy.

Even if you aren’t stay at home mom providing a schedule for your children at the times you’re all together at home is ideal.

Start by breaking your child’s day down into sections.

Create a Daily Routine for Your Kids

If you haven’t figure it out yet children thrive on routines. They receive comfort in knowing what comes next. I see it every day in my own dear child. And as she’s now of writing and reasoning age she makes lists to chronicle and her days.

So help your small ones out and think up a flexible routine to move smoothly (as possible) through the day.

Mornings: What happens in your mornings? Are they relaxed or frazzled? Do you get up before your children so you can have some peaceful time (so important)?

Planning for your mornings can mean the whole day runs a lot smoother. If this is an area where you struggle I recommend the easy to implement Make Over Your Mornings eCourse. Just 15 minutes a day can make a world of difference.

Do you prepare breakfast or is it a family affair? Are they old enough to dress themselves or do you need to lay out clothing the night before?

When your children are small you may find most of your morning is taken up with getting them ready for the day. By the time you’re ready for some activity it can be noon but don’t fret. This period in life goes quickly.

After your child is ready for the day with food and dress this is an optimal time to engage with your child in meaningful activity. Get the wiggles out, do something creative, tackle a project together. For homeschoolers it’s a good time to get in some learning.

Afternoons: In the afternoon it can be time for everyone to take a break, eat something, get out of doors, and run errands. Whatever it is have a plan and a set amount of time so you can either get back to schooling or make it home in time for a nap.

Evenings: The day has been busy and fruitful. You started the day organized because you got your morning together before the house awoke. Evening is a time to come back together as a family. Have dinner together, spend some family time together, play games, and then settle into a bedtime routine. This is also the time, after the kiddos have gone to bed, for you to plan for the next day. Don’t use all your evening time to plan for the next day but get things organized so that the next morrow runs as smooth as you can make it.


Your Time: Now that you know your child’s daily schedule you need to fill in the blanks with your own personal time. Maybe you wake up early for a quiet time or some work. Maybe you work after your kids are in bed as my mom used to do. Or you have some peaceful personal time during their naptime or quiet time. Make sure you get some moments for mom in there or you will burn out.

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Visit the Homemaking Downloads section for a Child’s Daily Schedule template.

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