Food Recap and Monday’s Menu Plan for March 14, 2016

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Happy Monday. And Happy Pi day (3.14). To honor this day I want to make this veggie pie. Or at least some kind of version of it. I’m going to attempt this tonight. Wish me well.

This past week in food we ate a few different things. My husband took a few days off of work and treated us to his style of meals. My favorite was the chicken skewers over rice noodles and veggies. He made an Asian style sauce to drizzle over it all and we ate it up.

Other than that we had the usual ground turkey burgers, lentil soup and sandwiches, and meat and veggie filled pitas.

This weekend my new book Eating Clean: The 21 Day Plan to Detox…. blah, blah(long title) book came in the mail. I picked up this title strictly for the recipes but after reading through the intro and some more of what author Amie Valpone had to say on detoxing your body I’m willing to give some of the detoxing stuff a try too. My sister also read through it and we both agreed Amie makes you a bit scared to touch anything in your home but inspires you to try veggie centered meals.
The dishes are kind of labor intensive and nut heavy but I still want to pull a few into my repetoir. They would definitely go well with Trim Healthy Mama style eating.

My Weekly Menu Plan:

Monday: Vegan Spiral Veggie Tart

Tuesday: Garlic and Paprika Chicken

Wednesday: Baked Fish Sticks Sweet Potato Fries

Thursday: Chili and Cornbread

Friday: Meat Filled Pita’s

What’s on your menu?


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