On the Kitchen Counter for January 16, 2017

Happy Monday!

It’s time to talk about what’s going on in the kitchen!

Brrrrrrrrr! There’s an unusual amount of snow on the ground and things are brisk here in the Pacific Northwest. At least for one more day.

We had an amazing amount of snow drop to the ground this past week and have been having fun with it ever since!

As homeschoolers there are no (more) snow days so we hurry through our lessons so we can join friends on the hill for some wintertime fun.

Speaking of friends. Our friends had us over for a spur of the moment lunch after some fun sledding this past week. It was a delicious Eastern European dish I know not the name of but I hope to get the recipe soon. It had rice, meat, veggies, and spices in it. We ate it with a olives and a yummy cabbage salad. Now I need to think of something yummy to share.

In our kitchen we’re eating through the freezer and fridge in an effort to get control of grocery spending, be more thoughtful about what we eat, and use what we have. I’m taking the Grocery Budget Bootcamp eCourse I talked about last week (cart is closed but do sign up for the waiting list).

I’ve found some odds and ends in the freezer that I’ll be putting in this week’s meals.

This week marks the beginning for the Back to Basics Ebook Bundle sale 69 ebooks, 5 eCourses, and 12 Bonus offers for $29.97 (upgrades available).


My Weekly Menu Plan:

Monday: Stir Fry using leftovers

Tuesday: Bell Pepper Soup (MyFreezEasy)

Wednesday: Salmon Chowder

Thursday: Fish and Fries

Friday: Pizza


What’s on your menu?

    • Read some Menu Planning articles for tips on planning your weekly menu.

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