Give Your Mother Something Unique for Mother’s Day : Zazzle Review and Giveaway


“Mother’s Day is on the Horizon! Oh my goodness!”

Those were my words when I was reminded recently that Mother’s Day is soon upon us. It’s coming so soon! What to get??!! What to do???!!!

Now I usually spend a lot of time agonizing over what to get the various moms in my circle for mother’s day. Apart from my own mother I usually give out little trinkets and tokens of shared motherlyness. Some hand made, some purchased, all gushed over. And that will again happen this year.

But my own mother gets something special

Recently my mother and I were oohing and aahing while looking in a magazine over a room done with little vintage touches. The bedspread, the lamps, pictures on the wall all featured florals in various colors with that gentle faded glory of the romantic vintage style. It was not overdone and it came together beautifully. That made me think…

For this year’s Mother’s Day I was thinking I would like to get my mother started on redoing her own room in some of the feminine vintage style we both like so much.

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Gifts from Zazzle

So when Zazzle asked if I wanted to review a product from their collection for Mother’s Day I thought it would be the perfect time to create something just for my own mother.

There are a lot of talented designers creating beautiful things for Mother’s Day on Zazzle but I wanted to give my mother something I (with my non-creative self) had pulled together.

They have so many things you can customized I was sure to come up with something unique.

One particular thing I’ve been wanting to try is applying these beautiful vintage digital papers I have to some of the home products on Zazzle .

For my canvas I decided on a pair of table lamps. I’ve been eying these for some time and thought maybe here is something I couldn’t mess up too bad. LOL!

I uploaded several of my vintage papers and with my daughter’s help narrowed it down to the blue background with pink flowers. Very pretty we think.  And since my mother’s current bedspread is a soft grey I thought they would match nicely.  Especially if she’s not ready to swap out her bed coverings.

Creating the lamps was very easy and they are actually for sale here on Zazzle if you’re interested.

After creating I placed my order and waited…not to long to be truthful.


How did the Feminine Vintage Lamps look?

I was surprised at how quickly the lamps showed up on my door. I was expecting, with the creating of them, that they would come in about two weeks but it was more like a week. Very, very quick. I was impressed.

When I got the box I gently lifted the appropriately labeled container onto my dining table and proceeded to unpack the lamps. The company that finishes the order packed them very well with clear instructions for easily putting them together. The box was also labeled that the lamps were fragile. I appreciate that.

The lamps were smaller than I had imagined. I was hoping for something a little bigger but I think they would still suffice for a smaller bedroom.

The lamp shades came out very pretty. I was pleased. I had picked khaki for the trim and waffled between that and white. Since you’re ordering online one can only hope that the colors will come out right. If the lamps for were me I would probably have gone with white but for my mother I think khaki was appropriate. I do wish they had other colors for the trim. They were your basic colors with not much variation. If you’re wanting to do a more muted vintage style lamp as I did then khaki and white were about it for a softer look. I would like more choices here. Some pastels would be nice.



The lamps set up very easy. I sampled them in my own bedroom to see how they “might” look. The labeling said to use 60W bulbs and that’s what I have so in they went. They didn’t really go with my decor (which is white with bright colors accenting) but they looked very pretty sitting on the night stands. Once I turned on the light I couldn’t see the design on the shade anymore (see image above) Were the bulbs too bright? Not sure about that. The light was bright and shone through. Is that good or bad?

All in all I was pretty pleased and I hope my mother will be too.

More Mother’s Day Gifts in the Feminine Vintage Style

Do you like the romantic vintage style?  I do. You can find a lot of lovely things on Zazzle decorated in this style for Mother’s Day. I’ve got a sampling listed for you below…(and yes, that is chocolate).

By the way Zazzle always has great coupon deals going on. Check their coupon page before placing your orders.

1. Vintage Floral Mirror Compact

2. Mother’s Day Chocolate in Vintage Decor Box

3. Feminine Vintage iPhone Cover

4. Vintage Romantic Notebook


So now I want to help you get something lovely for your Mother (or the mother in your life) on Mother’s Day. I’m having a Zazzle gift certificate giveaway. One winner will receive $25 to use on Enter the Giveaway Tools Widget below.



Disclosure (in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”):  I did receive a sample of the product in exchange for this review and post.

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  1. I would probably get my Mom a cute notebook to keep all her notes for her new computer. 🙂

  2. From your options listed, I’d probably choose the notebook for my mom. I usually get her tea and sometimes a teapot or pretty teacup.

  3. I always have a hard time finding something for my mother, but I do like the serving trays on Zazzle.

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